Shahroze Nawaz: Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Technical writer

I'm Shahroze Nawaz

Web Developer, Digital Marketer, Technical writer

About me

A small introduction about my self

Shahroze Nawaz

Web Developer, Digital Marketer & Technical writer

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Technical Skills

I can say i’m quite good at

Hosting Expert

I can help you about choosing and managing any hosting platform


I can create good design with HTML/CSS

Technical Blogging

I blog at Cloudways and so many external external resources like Sitepoint etc

Digital Strategy

I can Creating digital image of your brand/product

Content Marketing

I can help you with content + SEO needs for your next blog

Web Development

I love PHP and Frameworks development, Let's discuss the projects :)

Work Experience

My previous associations



PHP Developer & Community Manager

I produce technical content for PHP developers, Engagements with PHP Influencers, Manage and help developers in choosing the web/cloud hosting providers


Supernove Solutions

Junior ERP developer

I've worked on ERP modules and did customizations on it.Also the design responisbility is on me so I've designed web forms for modules


Kcompute Company

Windows Phone Developer

On the contract, I've Designed and developed Windows Phone Application for toyota IMC Pakistan


Itap Studios

Magento Developer

My responibility was to work on an ecommerce baking website Create magento basic modules and UI enhancements

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


Bachelor in Software Engineering

University of Karachi

Intermediate/12th Standard

Dehli College Karachi
june, 2009


Brightway Schooling System

GitHub Repositories

Some Repos from my GitHub

Get In Touch

Please feel free if you would like to have a chat.

Contact details

Shahroze Nawaz, Karachi Pakistan

+92 346 2655371

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