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Exclusive MySQL Performance Tuning Tips For Better Database Optimization | Cloudways

mysql performance
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special purpose programming language used to store, manipulate and retrieve data from the database. It has found applications in many relational database systems including MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL server and others. By using SQL statements, developers easily carry out various functional database operations such as creating, updating and deleting […]
How to Install ExpressionEngine on Cloudways and Build Web Apps with Advanced CMS Solution | Cloudways

install expressionengine
ExpressionEngine is just another fantastic content management system (CMS) like wordpress, Drupal and Magento. It possesses some of the best features which can make ExpressionEngine stand out from rest of the other CMS available on the internet. Thousands of websites including blogs, business, magazine pages and personal portfolios are powered by ExpressionEngine. The flexible and […]
Integrate Rollbar and Simplify Laravel Error Logging with Core Insights | Cloudways

laravel error tracking rollbar
Developers always try to come up with a clean code and simple logical structure. This means building applications with easy-to-understand backend code which gives zero downtime. They always try to ensure glitch-free app execution through writing several tests to check run-time performance on various Laravel error logging platforms, browsers, and devices etc. But testing every […]
Why ReactJS Should be a Perfect Choice for Your Next Front-end Application | Cloudways

why choose react
The web technology is rolling rapidly with new advancements these days. It’s hard for individuals to focus on just one platform. Specially when you – being a developer – are going to opt frameworks for developing web applications, it sometimes becomes a bit puzzling task to choose the best one for the job. There are […]
What’s New in PHP 7.3: A Look at Final Release | Cloudways

php 7.3 features
PHP is still giving a tough competition to other scripting languages, mainly due the rapid updates pushed out by the core maintenance team. Since the release of PHP 7.0, the community has seen a lot of new features that have greatly improved the way developers use PHP for their projects. The main purpose of these […]
Integrate PHP Opcache & Make Your Application Win Big With Performance | Cloudways

Best practices for optimizing PHP performance is a way broad topic and I can cover a lot of things in it. Previously I’ve written few guides regarding PHP best practices and firebase integrations which can be beneficial to kickstart with performance issues and database delivery. PHP has so many options available which can boost up […]
Integrate Firebase With PHP and Optimize Your Real Time Communication | Cloudways

php firebase
Real-time data management and transactions are the latest mode of communication these days. People need quick data flow while using mobile and web applications. There are alot of services available on internet for creating real-time databases and communication systems. For instance Pusher, Onesignal, and Google’s Firebase are famous tools for that. Previously, you’ve learned how […]
Create a Real Time Chat App with Pusher in PHP | Cloudways

php chat app
Almost every developer has created a chat application early in the career. Oftentimes, this app is deployed on a certain hosting for PHP & is used by the friends and family to chat with the developer. However, chat applications have now progressed way beyond the student project stage. Many businesses use a chat app to […]
Larry Garfield Discusses PHP 7, PHP frameworks and Open Source Contributions | Cloudways

Larry Garfield has been developing websites since he was in school and is been in the development industry since he was a budding child. Before his name was applauded as a top PHP influencer in the industry, he first served his major time as a freelance developer whose love interest was to develop different websites […]
Best PHP Performance Tips From Community & Influencers | Cloudways

php performance tuning
Getting your web application to the highest performance level is quite impossible. You need to apply different tactics at different points according to the nature of application. PHP has faced a lot of criticism when it comes to performance benchmarking. But thanks to the contributors who gave the old language wings and introduced latest PHP […]
10 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2018 | Cloudways

Websites have become more complex and demanding over time. On the plus side, they now deliver far more value than they used to in yesteryears. As most developers will tell you, PHP frameworks are the go-to creation tools that give life to those sites, and as a result, almost 80% of the web pages on […]
PHP Unit Testing Using PHPUnit Framework | Cloudways

php unit testing
This article is the first one in the series of articles that focus on `Unit Testing`, a well known test methodology. I will use `PHPUnit` as the main test tool for PHP Unit Testing. Once you get hold of the basics, getting started with PHPUnit is not that difficult. Even a small software development project […]
Ultimate PHP Security Best Practices | Cloudways

php security best practices
Securing web applications from all sorts of forged attacking attempts is the ultimate duty of a web developer. You should build your web apps protective enough to have no security issues or loopholes, thus eradicating the possibility of any malicious attack. In most cases, the developers must take the responsibility and put in every possible […]
How to Enable Remote MySQL Connection | Cloudways

remote MySQL connection
Imagine you are part of a big team of developers with multiple roles, working on large software products, complex database schema and connection. You need to work with SQL queries and create a connection remotely from different locations. To enable remote MySQL connection, you need to grant remote MySQL access on your hosting server and […]
MySQL 5.7 is Available at Cloudways | Cloudways

Cloudways is pleased to announce the availability of MySQL 5.7 for all its users. The new version was one of the most-requested feature update from our customers because of significant improvements in both speed and performance. The integration is aimed at our customers who want to leverage the power of MySQL 5.7 for their PHP […]
How to do PHP Continuous Integration With Travis CI | Cloudways

continuous integration in php
In this article, I will demonstrate the process of PHP continuous integration with Travis CI. If you are interested in using Travis CI as your continuous integration environment, read on! Code versioning has become a standard practice in development circles, with GitHub being a popular platform for hosting code repos. However, a common issue is […]
How to Deploy PHP Application From GitHub to Cloudways | Cloudways

deploy php app from github
If you are a developer of any level you must know about Git for source code management. Git is very popular when it comes to interacting with multiple team members and open source contributors for building coding solutions. I’ve written a short series on Git for beginners covering, commands cheat sheets, Branches, Conflicts etc. The […]
PHP 7.2 Powered Hosting Now Available On Cloudways | Cloudways

php 7.2
Cloudways is pleased to announce the availability of PHP 7.2 for all its users. This integration comes after numerous request from all customers who wanted to leverage the power of PHP 7.2 for their apps. In fact, all major PHP frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Yii have released new versions that take full advantage […]
Build a Fully Functional Facebook Messenger Chatbot in PHP |

Over years, we humans have solved our problems by talking it out. Chatbots are the continuation of this tradition in the digital age.

Chatbots have become an important trend in customer ser...

How to Deploy Github Code Automatically. |

Github is the new open source game changer in application development. You can host your code on GitHub and do amazing things including branching, Reviews, PR, Push and Pull. Github also provides a...

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